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The Best Beignets in New Orleans

And where to find them!

Beignets are almost synonymous with New Orleans cuisine, and let me tell you my friends, it’s hard to find a bad beignet in the Big Easy. But for The beignet experience in New Orleans, there are two big names: Café du Monde, and Café Beignet.

a traveler eating a beignet with powered sugar all over their face

But before we dive in, here are two important notes!

  1. It’s pronounced ben-YAYS. Very French!

  2. Whatever you do, do NOT breathe while taking a bite of your beignet. The powdered sugar will go everywhere, either all over your table and/or your lap, or straight up your nose, depending on whether you’re on the inhale or exhale as it happens. You have been warned.

Now, for the cafes!

For the experience, Café du Monde (800 Decatur St)

a plate of beignets and a cup of chicory coffee at Café Du Monde in New Orleans

Café du Monde is the flagship beignet stop in the French Quarter, and the one you might have heard of before reading this post. Their main location is right in the center of the French Quarter, just across the street from Jackson Square, and it’s been there since the mid-1800s. Their patio seating is what I recommend for the full experience, but if you don’t feel like waiting in line you can hit their pickup window around the back instead. This location is open 24 hours, so try early morning or late night for less of a wait!

If you do opt for the patio, you’ll be treated to a classic café setting with wait staff in bow ties and adorable little hats. There’s nearly always a street musician playing some top notch NOLA jazz within earshot.

Treat yourself to an order of beignets and a chicory coffee (hot or iced, both are good!) and live your best New Orleans life.

For the best beignets in New Orleans, Café Beignet

(600 Decatur St)

Café Beignet is my personal favorite place to go for these treats. They have locations all over the city. I find the beignets at these locations to be superior to the ones at Café du Monde. They’re a little lighter, with fluffier centers.

One of my favorite memories of my first trip to New Orleans is passing a Café Beignet location shortly after leaving the bar at the Hotel Monteleone. I was lightly tipsy, and my travel companion and I were just a little bit hungry. We passed the café, looked at each other, and immediately went back and ordered up some beignets. The experience of sitting on their shaded patio, eating fluffy beignets drenched in powdered sugar while a nearby street musician played a lyrical saxophone, is a memory I would bottle if I could.

So which café actually serves best beignets in New Orleans? That's for you to decide, my friend! Why not try both and see which one wins out? Just don’t inhale the powdered sugar.

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