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New Orleans Travel Guide: Four Things You Need to Make Your Trip Magical

Don't take off for the Big Easy without them!

Welcome to New Orleans! The Big Easy! New Orleans is a truly magical city. If you’re unprepared for its quirks, however, it can put a real damper on your fun. Here are four things you should bring with you to make the most of your time in New Orleans.

#1 - Good Shoes

Friends, the sidewalks in New Orleans want to kill you. They’re uneven, potholed, and even in the smoother areas there are still a lot of cobblestones. With NOLA being such a walking town, you’re going to want sturdy footwear that keeps up with the rough surfaces and 14,000+ step days. Heels are right out. Flip flops will just trip you up. A good pair of study sandals or comfy slip-ons are the way to go. You’ll be comfortable in the New Orleans heat, and your feet will thank you for the extra care.

#2 - Cash Money

When in New Orleans, you’ll want to carry cash. Lots of the bars and takeaway restaurants are going to be cash-only, or will have credit card minimums that will be higher than the single drink you’re trying to acquire. Do yourself a favor (and save yourself the ATM fees), and stock up on cash before you leave home. Plus, anytime you break a larger bill, save your singles so you can tip the abundant and phenomenally talented street musicians that you’ll pass. They’ll be amazing and they’ll be everywhere.

#3 - A Well-Functioning Liver

No New Orleans travel guide would be complete without some drinking suggestions! Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely have a great time in the Big Easy without drinking a drop. But if you are the type to enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, NOLA is the place to do it.

New Orleans’s open container laws are… flexible. You can absolutely walk the streets in the French Quarter with a drink in your hand. It’s a wildly novel experience as a visitor to walk into a bar, order a cocktail to go, and sip it while you wander. Just don’t take a drink from one bar into a different bar. They’re not a fan of that.

But do take advantage of the broad variety of drinks that are available to you, especially the ones that are famous in the Big Easy, like the Hurricane (spring break vibes) or the Sazerac (invented in NOLA!)

Tip #4 - Appreciation for the Fantastic

New Orleans is absolutely steeped in magic. If you’re the kind of human who believes in magic, ghosts, tarot, or any variety of spiritualism, NOLA is absolutely your town. And even if you’re not typically a believer in the supernatural, New Orleans can help you let your guard down. Take a ghost tour and learn about the hauntings. (Try this company, and if you get Orion as a guide tell him Andi sent you!) Step into a metaphysical shop to browse the wares or have your tarot read. Allow yourself to get in touch with your spiritual side.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Voodoo is a closed practice, meant only for those whose ancestors have practiced it. Do your own research, but if you’re white, you probably shouldn’t be practicing voodoo. Historical tours about the history of voodoo in New Orleans are great. Tourist shops selling mini voodoo dolls are treading on a closed practice. Anyone treating voodoo like an evil, spooky practice is speaking from an incorrect and white supremacist standpoint. Treat voodoo with respect, my friends! It’s a fascinating and rich historical tradition!

Now that you're read this travel guide, you're New Orleans-Ready!

And there you have it friends! Consider yourself equipped for a magical visit to one of the most magical cities in the world. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

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