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Why You Should Visit The Sazerac House in New Orleans

Free New Orleans history exhibits, plus whiskey!

distillery equipment at The Sazerac House New Orleans

Looking for an attraction that’s uniquely New Orleans and also completely free? Enter the Sazerac House! 

Locals have described this place as Disneyland, but make it whiskey. It’s an immersive walk through the history of New Orleans, through the lens of its most famous cocktails. 

Never had a Sazerac? The Sazerac is a drink that was invented in New Orleans, and is made with whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, a citrus twist, and an absinthe rinse. Sound strange? Well it’s certainly one of a kind! And it’s also delicious.

Want to know more about this iconic cocktail? You can learn all about it, and a lot of great New Orleans history, at The Sazerac House.

Here’s all the reasons you should check it out!

a sample cup at The Sazerac House New Orleans

1 - Free Tickets!

You do have to make a reservation in advance for the Sazerac House, but those reservations are absolutely free to make! They want you to buy their products afterwards, so they reel you in with the free tickets. Whether you buy their whiskey at the end of the tour is up to you, so take advantage of the free tour!

2 - Interactive Exhibits

There’s a lot of history you can learn from this place. And many of the exhibits are interactive! Think touchscreens that you can page through explain what flavors go into making a good bitters, or a wheel of beverages where you can choose your spirit of choice and preferred flavor profile and get a drink recipe to try at home! It’s packed with interesting knowledge, and perfect for exploring at your own pace.

3 - Samples!

If you’re 21 or older, you’ll get a special wristband and get treated to cocktail samples on your way through. Each one becomes a moment of hands-on learning that illustrates everything you’ve been reading about!

the whiskey wall at the Sazerac House New Orleans

4 - The Whiskey Wall

This will be the first thing you see when you step inside the Sazerac house, and it’s worth the trip all on it's own! Yes, you should absolutely take pictures in front of it. That’s what it’s there for!

Reserve Your Sazerac House Tickets Today!

Overall, The Sazerac House is a great place to learn some New Orleans history and have a lot of fun doing it. And did I mention free!? Visit the Sazerac House and I guarantee you’ll never look at a Sazerac (the drink) the same way again.

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