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Top Wineries in Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley

The Midwest's hidden wine country.

a glass of white wine at a winery in Ohio

When you think of wine country, I bet most of us wouldn’t think of Ohio. I certainly didn’t! Not until pandemic area travel issues had me avoiding air travel and looking for destinations I could drive to and explore safely. 

But that’s how I discovered Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley. Not only does this area boast a National Park, but it’s also a stunningly diverse wine country! Nestled between Cleveland and Akron, this region is a surprising wine-lover’s paradise.

You can throw a stick and hit a winery or tasting room in this area, but these are my favorites!

Nauti Vine Winery

Nauti Vine Winery wins the creative location award among the wineries on this list! This winery has a warm Tuscan feel, more reminiscent of Italy than Ohio! They have indoor seating in their restaurant and tasting room, but the star of the show is their lakefront back patio. Stop in at the bar for a tasting (three samples are only $5!), then order up a glass of your favorite and hit that patio. They also have a small food menu of snacks and flatbreads to accompany your sips. There’s no better way to spend an evening than enjoying their offerings as the sun goes down over the lake.

the lake at Nauti Vine Winery in Ohio

Winery at Wolf Creek

The Winery at Wolf Creek is another gorgeous afternoon haven, with a tasting room to sample their wines and order glasses to sip and enjoy. Their tasting room is almost completely surrounded by a spacious outdoor deck, and the views out over the vineyard are second to none. They offer a small menu of snacks (killer charcuterie plates among others!) but they also encourage you to bring in your own picnic. Savor your food and wine on the deck and then enjoy a post-meal stroll across the green.

High & Low Winery and Bistro

This classy locale is half winery, half restaurant, and all amazing. The restaurant is Italian bistro inspired, featuring gourmet pasta dishes, artisan pizzas, scrumptious paninis and salads, and much more. Best practice here is to snag a table on their patio, order up a meal and a tasting flight, and soak up the sun. The wines here are especially unique because of their creative naming conventions. You can start off your flight with a glass of Impossible Things (a fruity Riesling), follow it up with a splash of We All Fall Down (a smoky malbec), and finish up with a swig of A Mother-in-Law Who Takes Your Side (the resident oaky chardonnay).

a glass of rose from Sarah's Vineyard in Ohio

Sarah’s Vineyard

I love all the wineries on this list, but Sarah’s Vineyard is probably my favorite. They have a full restaurant menu with both indoor and outdoor seating (outdoor seating has lovely views of the grapevines). Their wine selection is expansive and delicious. Personally, I absolutely must recommend the Blue Heron Blush. I don’t consider myself much of a rosé drinker, but Blue Heron is the exception to the rule. Its beautiful sweet/tart balance is unlike anything I’ve tasted in a rosé before. I’ve made return trips to the Cuyahoga Valley since my first visit and come straight to Sarah’s for some Blue Heron Blush, so it’s only a slight exaggeration to say that I’ve been known to drive to Ohio for this wine.

And all these amazing wineries, and may more, can be found in Central Ohio!

White, red, or rosé, you'll find something to savor in this unexpected wine country hidden in the Midwest.

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