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The Best Pub Dinners in Chicago

The trifecta of food, drink, and vibes.

No matter the mood, the company, or the season, nothing hits the spot quite like a good pub dinner. To me, what makes a good Public House comes down to three things. First, a cozy, homelike atmosphere. Second, simple and properly delicious food. And third, a great beverage selection to accompany said food. 

exterior of a Chicago pub

By these three metrics, here follows a list of Chicago’s best pubs!

R Public House

This gem on the far north side flies under the radar for most Chicagoans, but it’s absolutely worth the trip. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, packed with high tops and with local art on the walls. The food ranges from specialty burgers, to wood-fired pizzas, to upscale bar appetizers and desserts. And for beverages, there’s a sizable draft list and a rotating menu of seasonal cocktails to choose from.

R Public House is a local gem in the truest sense of the word. This place and the amazing neighborhood around it are well worth the visit.

fish and chips and a glass of whiskey at an Irish pub in Chicago

Mrs. Murphy & Sons’ Irish Bistro

It doesn’t get more Ireland in Chicago than Mrs. Murphy & Sons’ Irish Bistro. The atmosphere here is a public house in the truest sense of the word: welcoming to everyone of all ages and backgrounds and always serving up peak hospitality. The food is authentic Irish and British isles classics, like game changing fish and chips and authentic shepherd’s pie.

They’ve also got a little shop full of European sweets, and an even bigger selection of Irish whiskeys by the bottle. And speaking of whiskeys, the bar at Mrs. Murphy’s has one of the better Irish whiskey menus this side of the pond. You can’t go wrong!

Lady Gregory’s

Here’s another Irish pub for you! This one has the same warm and friendly vibe as Mrs. Murphy’s, but with a slightly classier edge.

The food starts with Irish classics, and then twists them into delicacies. And for drinks, the stars here are the cocktails. They always have a menu of specialties, or if you’re in the mood for a classic like an old fashioned or a mule, they make them extraordinarily well here. Enjoy this spot when you’re taking on Andersonville!

steak frites at a Chicago pub


This is probably the classiest of the places on this list. Luxbar treads right on the line between pub and steakhouse. The atmosphere here is a little… shinier. It has an art deco feel to it that absolutely enchants. They have a large menu of pub classics, but I never dine at Luxbar without indulging in their truly spectacular (and shockingly inexpensive) steak frites. Similarly on the beverages front, there’s a massive menu to choose from, but my go-to is the Build Your Own Manhattan, where you choose your individual ingredients off a small menu to create your own special combination.

Luxbar has been my go-to special occasion restaurant for as long as I’ve lived in Chicago. Don’t sleep on it!

a burger and fries and a craft beer

Crushed by Giants

If you’re looking for a local brew pub, it doesn’t get more local than Crushed by Giants. This local brewery brews their beer on site, and this pub is currently the only place where you can buy it! The pub has a spacious feel, surrounded by windows so you can look out on the skyscrapers of River North.

The food consists of delicious pub classics, like gourmet burgers and spicy chicken sandwiches. And the superstar, of course, is the local brews. They carry a wide variety, and all of them are made in-house. I like to order small pours so I can try several over the course of my meal!

Get Yourself to One of the Best Pubs in Chicago Posthaste!

There’s no better place to raise a glass and enjoy a hearty meal than these Chicago pubs.


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