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Chicago Brunches that Will Blow You Away

Is there anything better than a good weekend brunch? Elevated breakfast foods, delicious coffee, maybe a mimosa? I love seeking out brunch restaurants when I travel. Here’s the best of brunch in Chicago, no matter your mood!

very berry french toast from Yolk


Yolk is the OG breakfast place in Chicago. A small chain, there are a handful of locations all around the city. The menu is gigantic, and features both breakfast and lunch options. Everything here is good! So much so that, no matter how often I eat here, I can’t settle on a “usual.” But I do accompany almost every meal with a glass of horchata cold brew and a slice of Very Berry French Toast.


This place is the kind of restaurant that you think of when you think of a big city brunch. Beatrix is another local chain with an impressive bistro-style menu of upscale brunch classics. Everything from elegant yogurt parfaits to steak and eggs served with chimichurri! Top it off with an innovative brunch cocktail (their menu goes way beyond classic mimosas!), and you’ll have it made. Plus, they serve their brunch until 3pm, just in case you had yourself a particularly slow morning.

R Public House in Jarvis Square

R Public House

This particular brunch locale can be tough to get to from the Chicago downtown, but it's my favorite place for brunch in the entire city. You have to take the red line all the way out to Jarvis Square, but you find cheap mimosas, legit bloodies, delicious egg dishes, stellar homemade biscuits, and specialties like a creative and ever changing omelet and pancake of the week. It’s real local Chicago food, and everything you want in a hearty brunch.

Lonesome Rose

Looking for a creative brunch with a TexMex flair? Check out Andersonville’s Lonesome Rose! Their specialties are their breakfast tacos, the breakfast burrito that dreams are made of, and some legit chilaquiles! Their brunch cocktails range from the classics all the way to margaritas, and they serve some of the best horchata I’ve had in a long time.

chocolate fountains at sunday brunch

Chief O'Neill's Pub

Brace yourself.

Sundays at Chief O’Neill's Pub is the $32 brunch buffet of your dreams! Their buffet is truly massive. They offer a huge spread of breakfast delicacies, everything from cheesy potatoes and bacon to omelet stations and smoked salmon. This is the kind of place that dots every table with charcuterie boards and puts caviar on their deviled eggs. And if that’s not enough there’s a whole lunch spread too! Mac and cheese, chicken, often ribs, even a taco bar! Plus there’s a whole table dedicated to desserts. Think tiramisu, macarons, cannoli, and two chocolate fountains! It’s what brunch buffet dreams are made of. And under $35? You won’t find that anywhere else.

Which Chicago Brunch Sounds Best?

Go forth and drink mimosas! The only remaining question is…sweet or savory??

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