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The Complete Guide to Springdale, Utah

Everything you need to know about the gateway to Zion National Park.

the Zion Park Motel in Springdale, Utah

Welcome to Springdale! The charming town that sits just outside the gates of Zion National Park. Truly, the moment you enter Springdale you feel like you’re entering a new world. Zion Canyon frames Springdale as you follow its main road all the way to the park gates. There are gorgeous red cliffs in every direction, visible from the windows of restaurants and, if you’re lucky, the windows of your hotel room.

The town capitalizes on its location, packing itself with lodging of all sorts, restaurants, and gear shops. You can throw a stick and hit a shop that rents E-bikes. You can toss another stick and hit a Tex-Mex restaurant. With all these options, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight my favorite spots in Springdale, Utah.

The Only Lodging Option You Need

Friends, I stayed at the Zion Park Motel and I cannot recommend them enough. They’re conveniently located about a mile from the park gates (walkable if you’re feeling ambitious or right near one of the Springdale shuttle stops). The rooms are well appointed with all the hotel standards: toiletries and towels galore, and a microwave, fridge, and coffeemaker. The beds are SO COMFY! (Or maybe that was just me being extra tired from climbing mountains…but we’ll say it’s the beds!) The front desk staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. AND they have on-site parking for each room and a pool that’s open in the summer months. And they have all this while being one of the most reasonably priced lodging options in town. Seriously I cannot recommend them enough. If you see a room available here, stop searching and just book it. You won’t regret it.

The Best Coffee Spots

a FeelLove Coffee latte in Springdale, Utah
Dawn at FeelLove Coffee

FeelLove Coffee

FeelLove Coffee is a fast-growing local Utah chain with truly excellent coffee drinks. They have just about every style and flavor combination imaginable, and lots of snacks to accompany them! They’re located just steps outside the park gates, making them a great breakfast stop on your way into the canyon. Or an opportunity to stall when you get up ambitiously early and forget how long it takes for the sun to come up when you’re in a canyon!

Deep Creek Coffee

For a more full-cafe experience, check out Deep Creek Coffee! Centrally located in Springdale, this gorgeous spot has a full menu of both classic and unique coffee drinks. They also have a full breakfast and lunch menu! I can personally vouch for the excellence of the bagel sandwiches. Don’t sleep on this spot for a quick bite!

The Best Food in Springdale, Utah

Whiptail Grill

a pink margarita at Bit and Spur in Springdale, Utah
the Prickly Pear Margarita at Bit and Spur

For upscale Tex Mex and powerful margaritas, you can’t go wrong with Whiptail Grill. Housedin a repurposed gas station, the environment is unique and the food is delicious. The house margarita is deliciously tart, and the hearty, cheesy enchiladas I ordered were the perfect post-hiking comfort meal.

Bit & Spur

Another place with a Tex Mex vibe, what separated this one out for me was the seasonal fresh fruit margarita. You haven’t lived until you’ve indulged in a bright pink margarita flavored with fresh picked prickly pear. This menu is bursting with delicious options. I opted for the poblano mac and cheese and had zero regrets. They also sharpened my pencils for me when I broke one while sitting at their bar.

Camp Outpost

Think campfire food, and then kick it up a few notches. They cook their meats on a rotisserie, and serve them with complimentary vegetables and potatoes. This plate shown below is a mere quarter chicken. I stuffed myself and loved every minute of it.

a salmon meal at Oscar's in Springdale, Utah
the Salmon Special at Oscar's


This place is a Springdale staple, and has a little bit of everything. Burgers and sandwiches, Tex Mex, salads… you name it, they probably have it. When I ate there I chose the Salmon specialty plate, and just LOOK AT THIS THING. I was so caught up in the homemade guacamole and the poblano stuffed with mashed potatoes (yes, that cheesy blob on the far right of the plate is a MASHED POTATO STUFFED POBLANO), I barely had room left for the salmon. I took most of it back to my hotel and ate it for breakfast the next morning.


For a family restaurant feel with a little bit of everything, check out Porters! And if you’re staying at the Zion Park Motel, it has the benefit of being right next door. Think burgers and chicken sandwiches and comfort food staples that could have come straight from grandma’s kitchen. No nonsense and delicious.

The Zion Brewery Brew Pub

a draft beer and a cup of chili at The Brew Pub in Springdale, Utah
post-hike snacking at The Brew Pub

This one was a little hit or miss for me, but I still recommend it for certain scenarios. The food menu seemed unnecessarily overpriced, so I skipped over it when planning my dinner options. However, as I was coming off the trails after a full day of slightly rainy hiking, feeling hungry but it being nowhere close to a reasonable dinner hour, sitting down at the bar at The Brew Pub for a local beer and a cup of house chili was *chef’s kiss* exquisite.

Don't Sleep on Springdale!

For a beautiful stay right at the gates of the most beautiful park, everything you need is right there for you in Springdale. There's nothing better than a good meal and a soft bed after a long day of hiking. Zion National Park gives you the best of all possible worlds.

Need recommendations on which trails to hit to work up that appetite? Here's the ultimate trail guide!

Curious about how to get to the park from the streets of Springdale? I break down the Springdale shuttle system for you right here!

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