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Amazing Queer-Owned Businesses in Chicago

To support during Pride Month (and every month!)

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It’s Pride Month, and as a queer-owned business, Arts and Adventures absolutely adores sharing the love with our compatriots in the great city of Chicago! 

As a queer person, I know the immense value of a space where LGBTQ+ folks feel immediately welcome and safe. These are the kind of places where we can let our guard down, relax into our truth, and keep our hard earned money in our own communities. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of queer-owned businesses in Chicago, but these are my personal favorites!

a pink layer cake with rainbow sprinkles

Jenivee's Bakery

Frequent Fliers at Arts and Adventures know that I am absolutely feral for this bakery! Their cakes and treats are beyond delicious, and their flavors are unique and incredibly creative. Try their purple velvet cupcakes (red velvet’s sexy cousin, flavored with ube and coconut) or order a horchata or pink guava cake for your next special occasion!

Owned and operated by a Filipino trans woman, this is a delicious place that you can always justify throwing your money at. And yes, Rainbow Cake and the Rainbow Sprinkles Upgrade are available year-round!

Lady Gregory's

Truth be told, Lady Gregory’s is technically my second favorite Irish Pub in Chicago, but it’s my SECOND FAVORITE AND ITS QUEER OWNED! 

Lady Gregory’s is a cozy and welcoming Irish pub with a hearty menu full of upscale classics from the British Isles. But the true star of their menu is their cocktails. They’re masters of creative and delicious specialties, and if you want a classic like an old fashioned, you know they’re going to make them Right here.

R Public House

This local gem is tucked away in Rogers Park, Chicago’s northernmost neighborhood, but it’s well worth the trip! It’s delicious pub classics, cheese curds that satisfy even this picky former Wisconsinite, a wood burning pizza oven, a huge draft list and amazing cocktails, a huge patio for Pride Month outdoor dining, and yes, all owned by amazing queer folks! I live in walking distance of this restaurant and am almost embarrassed about how often I eat here. Almost.

Rogers Park Social

Another northside gem, a queer-owned business list would be incomplete without a mention of Rogers Park Social! This place is an amazing neighborhood watering hole, with a creative drink menu and televisions that are frequently broadcasting Drag Race.

a staff picks shelf at an indie bookstore

Women and Children First

My favorite indie bookstore in Chicago also happens to be queer-owned! I love this place. It’s focus on social justice, diversity, and welcoming community are evident from the moment you walk in the door. Their amazing staff are always thrilled to help you and to make amazing recommendations. There’s no better place in Chicago to do your book shopping! Maybe you can stop in after that killer lunch you’re going to have a Lady Gregory’s? They’re neighbors!

Edgewater Candles

We love an ethical candle company! And we love them even better when their scents are the BOMB. Many Edgewater Candles jars have graced my home over the years. All their scents are potent without being overpowering, and they have some truly unique combinations. The candle scent that sold me on them immediately and permanently was their campfire scented candle, that actually smells like woodsmoke!

a non binary person with red hair and a undercut

Barbara & Barbara

Haircuts and hair salons can be tricky places for queer people. Getting a gender-affirming air cut can be a game changer, but only if you have a kind stylist that supports your style. 

Queer folks can put those doubts to rest as Barbara and Barbara. This west side salon highlights their queer-friendly services proudly, and new appointments always start with pronoun checks! I go here every few months to get my undercut cleaned up (yes, they have a service specifically for that!) and my experience never fails to be amazing.

Support These Amazing Queer Chicago Businesses Today!!

Shop small! Shop queer! It helps make the world a better place.

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Love and Shenanigans,


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