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Little Luxurious Travel Products You Totally Deserve

Upgrade your travel experience for $15 or less!

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I’m a fairly budget-minded traveler. I mean I have my limits. I don’t fly Spirit or Frontier, and you’d have to pay me to stay at a hostel. But overall, I love traveling in ways that give me a big bang for my buck.

Today we’re here to share small travel products that have a big impact. Everything on this list is $15 or less, and can seriously upgrade your travel experience!

Quick note! This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase from this post, I make a small commission, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting my small business!

Now, ready to be bougie on a budget?? Let’s go!

Keep your toiletries organized and visible, and choose the color that makes your heart the happiest! Everyone wins!

a redhead with a decorative pill case

Keep your meds close at hand without having to pack a bunch of bulky pill bottles. These lil guys come in a whole mess of fun patterns, and they can fit a good amount of pills in each! If you have lots of medications, or just want a cute way to carry ibuprofen, go ahead and buy several! The price certainly won’t be a deterrent.

Make your next adventure like six times more comfortable with comfy slip on water shoes. These slip ons come in a variety of color and patterns, and they are the perfect wet-to-dry shoe. They’re not too bulky, but have a thick enough sole to protect your feet when you’re not in the water. Cheap, simple, amazing.

a redhead with a travel adapter

You absolutely cannot travel abroad without one of these! No matter what sort of outlets your country of choice uses to power their electronics, this guy has your back.

Travel, at least the kind of travel I most enjoy, always means extra walking, and extra walking means chafing and blisters. Use this stuff to fix both of those problems and keep your walking pain free!

For a travel friendly way to keep your face looking fresh, (unfamiliar water sources and new climates can wreak havoc on your face!) toss one of these little guys into your toiletry bag. Are they going to be as nice as your fancy at-home skincare tools? No, but they’re the perfect travel-sized-for-your-convenience substitute!

a redhead with a box of jet lag supplements

Reduce the effects of Jet Lag with this cult-favorite in-flight supplement! I’ve used it on overseas trips, and while I wouldn’t say it “cured” my jet lag, I definitely landed in Europe feeling more alert than usual. Pair with a cold shower shortly after landing and you’re set my friend.

Reminder: None of These Genius Little Travel Products Cost More Than $15!

Treat yo self!

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