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50 Things to Do on a Solo Trip

So many things to do on your solo trip, you may have to plan more than one!

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Want to know the number one concern that I hear about from folks who've never tried solo travel? I suggest that they should try it, and they say something like, “I wouldn’t know what to do by myself.”


That’s the beauty of solo travel, but sometimes being spoiled for choice leads to nothing but choice paralysis. So to help you determine how you could fill some solo-traveling days, here’s a list of 50 potential activities for you to enjoy on a solo trip!


  1. Visit your destination’s famous landmarks (Think the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC)

  2. Visit a museum. Or two. Or three!

  3. Go to the top of the local Very Tall Building(™)

  4. Take the local public transit - just to say you did it! (bonus points if that public transit is a ferry!)

  5. Catch a show or a concert at a local theater

  6. Visit the local zoo or aquarium

  7. Check local calendars and see what kind of street festivals are happening during your trip and go visit

  8. Find a bar or restaurant with live music

  9. Choose a neighborhood outside the town center and get a little lost hunting for hidden gems

  10. Research day trips from your destination and take one

  11. Track down the best possible place to watch the sunset and soak it in

Food and Drink

  1. Try the local specialties (yes, even the weird ones)

  2. Take yourself out to an extremely fancy dinner

  3. Find a local farmers’ market and have a picnic with whatever you buy

  4. Visit a winery, brewery, or distillery for a tour or a tasting (or both!)

  5. Have an epic brunch (bonus points if it’s a buffet!)

  6. Find a local coffee shop and sit there all afternoon with a book

  7. Track down a rooftop bar and take in the views

  8. Find a local bakery and buy too many pastries

  9. Find a food hall and order a little bit of everything

  10. Take a cooking class at a local restaurant


  1. Take a local food tour

  2. Look up self-guided walking tours for your destination and take one

  3. Book a bike tour

  4. Book a lake or river sightseeing cruise

  5. Do NOT book a segway tour

  6. Tour a historic home (there’s always at least one!)

  7. Research area hauntings and book a ghost tour

  8. Find the jaw-dropping church or cathedral and see if they allow visitors or offer tours (even if you’re not religious, the architecture can be glorious!)

Get Outside!

  1. Visit a local park

  2. Find the local hiking trails and go exploring

  3. Rent a kayak and go paddling

  4. Visit the local lake or coastline and have a beach day

  5. Visit the local botanic garden

  6. Book a trail ride

  7. Find the famous local cemetery (there’s always at least one!) and enjoy the landscaping and hunt for the headstones of famous folks. Just be respectful as you do!


  1. Hunt for indie bookstores and buy too many books

  2. Visit a thrift store or vintage shop (what people donate tells you a lot about the local culture!)

  3. Track down local art galleries and browse to your heart’s content (the good ones are basically museums without the entrance fees because they want you to buy the art!)

  4. Find the quirky street (every town has one!) and visit the local shops

  5. Window shop in the high-end shopping district, and/or try on the expensive clothes if you have a good poker face!

Self Care

  1. Sleep until noon

  2. Go to bed at 8pm

  3. Take a long nap in the middle of the day

  4. Lay around your hotel room and channel surf with zero guilt

  5. Book a massage

  6. Get a pedicure

  7. Take a class at a local yoga studio, bonus points if it’s outdoors!

  8. Order room service or delivery from a local spot

  9. Enjoy your hotel’s amenities (lounge spaces? Patios? A pool??)

Is that enough options of things to do on a solo trip??

Are you convinced yet? Think you could entertain yourself for a few days with this list? Have I missed any activities you want to try? Give solo travel a try! Independent play is an important development milestone after all!

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Love and Shenanigans,


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