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Visiting the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

A true Lake Superior gem.

the Marquette harbor lighthouse on Lake Suprior

No Great Lakes trip is complete until you visit a lighthouse. Visiting the Great Lakes is always a beautiful collage of natural beauty and local charm, and nothing makes those waterfronts more charming than their lighthouses. 

Marquette’s is what you picture when you think of a lighthouse. Bright red and right on the shore of Lake Superior, the Marquette Lighthouse is a must see.

a lighthouse flag at a maritime museum

The Maritime Museum

There’s a small museum attached to the lighthouse, and you can get one ticket that includes both the museum and a guided tour of the lighthouse. You can get tickets to just the museum, but the tour is the only way to see the inside of the lighthouse, so it’s well worth getting both!

The museum itself is fairly small, but it’s packed full of treasures! You’ll see astonishing pieces of maritime history, and get an up-close-and-personal look at an old lighthouse lens. Spoilers: it’s HUGE and quite gorgeous up close.

I’d plan to spend about 45 minutes to an hour in the museum before your lighthouse tour.

a traveler in front of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

Lighthouse Tour

You’ll meet your guide at the museum, and you’ll be introduced to the Marquette harbor lighthouse’s history on the walk over. Your guide will show you around the lighthouse, and then leave you to explore on your own. There are several more -lighthouse-specific- exhibits inside, as well as signs of the lighthouse’s resident ghost. (Every lighthouse is haunted. Every single one. If your tour guide doesn’t mention their ghost on the tour, ask anyway. They all know.)

And when you’re done with the lighthouse itself, you get to walk out onto the breakwater. The views of Lake Superior from there are unparalleled. And when you turn back toward the lighthouse, you get the most iconic view imaginable.

Don't Miss the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse and Museum

Overall, the Marquette Lighthouse and Museum is an amazing place to visit! Learn some maritime history, admire the lake, and when you’re done with your tour there are amazing beaches to relax on.

The beauty is picturesque. Don’t miss it!

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