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What Makes Presque Isle Park Special

A glorious lakefront park in the heart of Marquette, Michigan.

Forested cliffs over Lake Superior in Presque Isle Park

Upper Michigan is an endless reservoir of natural beauty, and the most beautiful places are on the lakefront. Lake Superior in all her glory makes for some of the most incredible sights in the entire upper peninsula, and the best place to see it all near Marquette is Presque Isle Park.

You can definitely drive through and park near the highlights, but the best way to experience Presque Isle Park is on foot. There are footpaths that circle the entire park, following the lakeshore the whole way. If you have the time and the stamina, you should absolutely hike the entire loop. How long it takes you depends entirely on how long you spend admiring the views as you go. So park your car at the entrance and set off on your adventure. 

As you walk, there are two places in particular that you should plan to spend some time.

Cliffs in Presque Isle Park

Cliff Jumping

Presque Isle Park is known for cliff jumping! There’s no adrenaline rush quite like it! 

Of course you can’t cliff jump just anywhere. You have to make sure the water below you is deep enough. But there’s a well known spot on the east side of the park where the conditions are perfect. The cliffs are tall, and the water is deep and clear all the way down. You’ll know the spot because, if it’s a day where the weather is cooperating, there will be LOTS of people already there!

The weather is the catch with cliff jumping into Lake Superior. Lake Superior is so deep, and so far north, that it never truly warms up. You will always be jumping into properly cold water, even in the height of summer. What you want is a sunny day with a warm enough air temperature that you can warm back up in between jumps. Taking an adrenaline-packed jump from a great height into breathtaking water and then laying on a towel on the rocks soaking in the heat until you’re ready to jump again? Heaven.

The Black Rocks

At the tip of the peninsula, you’ll find the Black Rocks. This is my favorite area of Presque Isle Park. The rocks stretch out into the lake and make for amazing climbing, exploring, and views of the water. It’s also an amazing place to relax for a while or have a picnic. Enjoy the views of the lake and the rock formations that look eerily like lava rocks in places!

the black rocks in Presque Isle Park

Presque Isle Park is Lake Superior Perfection!

No matter how long you spend in Presque Isle Park, or how far you hike, or whether you even touch the water, I hope to take the time to enjoy this truly beautiful place.

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