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The Perfect Montmartre Walking Tour

Paris's most photogenic neighborhood!

a solo traveler in Montmartre, Paris

Paris is a magical city, and the most magical neighborhood in Paris is Montmartre. This is the kind of neighborhood where every street is photogenic. Where you can -and probably will- get lost because nothing runs in a straight line. And you won’t even mind getting a little lost because it will just lead you to find more beautiful things!

But if you want to try to stay on some kind of sensible route, here’s a tour through the most iconic and delicious sights.

#1 - Abbesses Metro Stop

Yes, the first stop on your walking tour is a Metro stop. If you’re coming in on the train, follow the signage to the exit stairs, and make sure you find the one with the warning that you’re about to ascend several hundred stairs.

Don’t make that face at me. You can do it! And the artwork on the walls as you climb is STUNNING. Also, you’re in Montmartre, so you’d better get used to the stairs! The entire neighborhood is hills. You can do it!

#2 - Le Grenier a Pain Abbesses

Before taking on the fullness of Montmartre, take a quick jaunt west from the metro station down Rue de Abbesses to Le Grenier a Pain. This top-notch bakery is the perfect place to grab a pastry to fuel up for your walk. Or a baguette sandwich for later. Or both! I recommend both.

#3 - Climb to Sacre Coeur

Once you’ve gotten an influx of pastry carbs, start the climb toward Sacre Coeur. There are several ways to reach the cathedral, and all of them are uphill. But once you get there, you’re rewarded with stunning views of Paris and a beautiful cathedral to explore. Entrance to the cathedral is free, but you may need to wait in a short security line to enter. Climbing to the dome comes with a small ticket fee, but it’s completely worth it for the full-circle views of Paris from the top. Regardless of your religious affiliations (or lack thereof), Sacre Coeur is a stunning building that’s amazing to visit.

#4 - Le Consulat and Le Maison Rose

Le maison rose in Montmartre, Paris

If you exist on any sort of travel area of Instagram, you’ve definitely seen photos of these two buildings. They’re what charming Paris cafes are made of. I recommend walking by them if nothing else. Whether you visit them or not is up to you, but these are the kind of buildings that make you stop and go “, I’m in Paris!

#5 - Get a Little Lost

And on that note about Parisian beauty, no walking tour of Montmartre is complete unless you get a little lost. Literally. It's very easy to get turned around. None of the narrow streets run in straight lines, and the buildings are tall enough that it’s hard to keep your sense of direction. So don’t try. Just wander. Some of the most beautiful sights you see might be the ones you spotted completely by accident.

#6 - The Van Gogh Apartment

This one is -unfortunately- a little less impressive than I hoped, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that Vincent van Gogh lived in Montmartre for a time with his brother Theo. You can look up this location on just about any map (like Google or Apple maps).

Don’t expect a plaque saying “VAN GOGH LIVED HERE!!” because there isn’t one. But for a Van Gogh fan like myself, it was enough to stop near where the apartment was marked on the map and realize that this was my favorite painter’s home street for a while once upon a time.

#7 - Zebre de Montmartre

roasted duck dinner at Zebre de Montmartre, Paris

For a sit down meal in Montmartre, (and it’s definitely time to sit down, yes?) look no further than Zebre de Montmartre. This is a nondescript but absolutely classic little cafe with perfect patio seating and truly delicious food. I ate their roasted duck with a glass of rose and had zero regrets. And my waiter that day was incredibly courteous. He identified my limited French skills early and then cheerfully used only common words so that we could converse comfortably completely in French, which made me feel like a badass world traveler. An exquisite experience all around.

Your Montmartre Walking Tour Awaits!

Have fun getting lost in this truly one of a kind neighborhood. The magic awaits! What are you waiting for?

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Love and Shenanigans,


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