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Travel Quotes I Love

Does loving travel quotes make me a basic bitch? If it does, I do not care!

an airplane view over snowcapped mountains

I mean, I am a travel blogger, so it’s probably not much of a surprise that I love a beautifully crafted quote. Writing is such a magical art form. Thinking about how just the right turn of phrase can inspire, can resonate, can make the reader realize that no they’re not the only one to ever feel like this…… oh yeah that’s the stuff.

So let’s treat ourselves to some amazing travel quotes shall we?

inspiring travel quotes

“Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food” is the line that gets me here. But I also love the “across the ocean or across the river” comparison. There’s nothing like travel to realize how wildly people are different from each other while also being very much the same. And you don’t have to go far to experience a shift. Personally, I think nothing teaches you that people are people are people than riding an unfamiliar city’s public transit system, but eating their food is a very close second.

inspiring travel quotes

I love this quote so much. The imagery of color palettes speaks to the artist in me, and it highlights the truth that new experiences expand your viewpoints. A viewpoint that’s expanded won’t be able to shrink again, and travel is the best worldview expansion tool there is.

inspiring travel quotes

This one very much goes along with the previous one, but I’m including it because it resonates with me for more than just travel. Where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced has a massive influence on who you are. I believe that experiencing new places and new people and new ideas is essential to our growth as people, especially if you grew up in a sheltered and restrictive environment like I did. Our perspectives are narrow and the world is very wide, and we should explore and attempt to understand as much as we can.

inspiring travel quotes

Did you honestly think we’d be able to get through this list without a Lord of the Rings quote? THINK AGAIN!! Tolkien wrote the best travel epics, and his portrayal of the Hobbits in particular perfectly encapsulates the joys of journeying. There are many paths to tread. If you don’t keep your feet, who knows where you might be swept off to! If that thought doesn’t make you want to grab your best shoes and a walking stick and hit the trails, I don’t know what will!

inspiring travel quotes

This one. This one reminds me that travelers are storytellers. If you’ve been somewhere I’ve never been, I’m desperate to hear about it. If I’ve been somewhere beautiful, I’m probably desperate to tell you about it! (Again, hence the travel blog, lol.) Let’s get coffee sometime and tell each other what the morning looked like at our last destinations, ok?

inspiring travel quotes

I adore Beau Taplin. His poetry has a way of verbalizing things I didn’t quite know I was feeling. My favorite description of how I fall in love as an arospec human is a Beau Taplin quote. So it makes sense that his travel quotes capture me almost as strongly. It’s the “cities I don’t know my way around” and “languages I cannot entirely comprehend” that make this quote for me. I’m a firm believer that growth happens when you’re the small fish in a very large pond, and finding myself in a place of not knowing means I get to do tons of learning. The more transformative the better.

Do you have a favorite travel quote? I’m always adding to my collection!

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