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Amazing Restaurants in Marquette, MI

What to eat in one of the best towns in Upper Michigan.

a lighthouse on Lake Superior in Marquette

Marquette is a gorgeous town on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s a charming place surrounded by the natural beauty that only Upper Michigan can provide. But while you’re exploring all the trails and woods and waterways that make the UP spectacular, you’re going to need to eat! That’s where Marquette comes in! No matter your tastes, you’ll find something delicious here. Here are the best restaurants in Marquette, MI.

a cocktail and menu from Iron Bay Restaurant

Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery

No saving the best for last here! Let’s hit the best place first! Iron Bay Restaurant is so good that I ate there twice in three days. It’s right on the harbor and serves amazing upscale bar food. If you’re visiting in nice weather, I highly highly recommend the patio. There’ll be a wait, but the view of Lake Superior is worth it! And speaking of Lake Superior, many of their dishes are made with locally caught whitefish, and you should absolutely try them all. I’m the kind of diner who loves the flavor of chowders but hates the consistency of the clams that usually accompany it, so Iron Bay’s whitefish chowder was like something out of a dream. Don’t miss this spot!

Jean Kay Pasties and Subs

What’s a pasty? A sturdy pastry meat pie! Pasties are a Youper classic. It’s good stick-to-your-ribs food. There’s nothing better to grab if you’re about to take off on one of the many hikes around Marquette.

Lots of places will serve pasties, but the classic locale is Jean Kays Pasties and Subs. You can get them with or without rutabaga, and yes you want rutabaga. Trust.

The Vierling

For historic UP deliciousness, look no further than the Vierling. This is a gorgeous restaurant with a long history in Marquette and truly amazing food and drinks. If you didn’t eat your fill of Lake Superior whitefish at Iron Bay, you can find lots of it here too. Plus, their French onion soup is the gold standard for the stuff. And if their blueberry beer is in season, order that too. Trust!


Donckers is what old school small town candy shop dreams are made of! Drop in to admire the artisan delicacies on display, or grab a sandwich from their cafe.  It’s also the best place in all of Marquette to get ice cream!

the Marquette Michigan Ore Dock

Ore Dock Brewing

It’s not the Midwest if we don’t talk about a local craft brewery or two. In Marquette, the top place to check out is Ore Dock Brewing. This little brewery doesn’t serve food, so make sure you arrive already fed, but their beer list is extensive and has something for everyone. There’s no better way to spend an evening in Marquette than sitting on their patio with a flight of local brews and some friends (and/or that book you just bought.)

Which of These Restaurants in Marquette, MI Sounds Best to You?

Whether you’re getting in out of the cold, or enjoying the summer sun out on a patio, Marquette has a treasure for you. Some of the best restaurants in the UP can be found here. Explore and enjoy!

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